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How a nearshore team can help you scale growth

What is Nearshore?

As an intelligent decision maker of your organization, you might always be searching for promising strategies to boost your team’s efficiency; well, nearshore staffing is a great solution. Hiring a remote team allows you to increase your team’s potential by allowing you to find and incorporate remote skilled talent that otherwise would be hard to find locally. But before we jump into the incredible advantages of having a nearshore team, let’s start with the basics: What is nearshore?

As nearshoring has become more popular, you might be familiar with the term; however, you must be careful as it can be easily confused with outsourcing, onshoring, and offshoring. Yes, nearshoring, offshoring, and onshoring are all types of outsourcing, but they all hold particularities that separate them from the other models.

Nearshore as a growth strategy

While onshore and offshore are always good options, nearshore can bring multiple advantages to companies. First of all, nearshore gives you the benefit of expanding your reach to find top talent; it allows you access to a pool of tech talents in your region so that you can select the best tech talent for your projects. Secondly, nearshoring with a reliable team will give you peace of mind as your tasks will be handled expertly without you having to worry about the management of the project. This will allow you to spend your time and resources on other key important tasks for your area. Lastly, nearshore can enhance your company’s performance by boosting your team´s collaboration and productivity.

Are you still wondering how nearshore can help you scale growth?

Extend your talent pool

The increasing demand for talented developers is on a continuous rise; however, not all countries have the needed number of developers to fulfill the current market need; well, nearshoring has become a great solution to that dilemma. By adopting a nearshore model, companies can broaden their pool of talent by finding a more capable workforce in regions outside their own countries.

For instance, Latin America is full of attractive candidates to choose from when companies are looking to set up world-class development tech talent networks or hire individual remote engineering talent. The region is producing large amounts of engineering talent day by day. For example, Mexican universities are nearly producing as many computer sciences graduates as American ones, and outside of education, Mexico and Brazil have a combined workforce of just under three-quarters of a million technology specialists. This makes a good pool of highly qualified and very experienced workers within reach of HR teams’ hands.

Enjoy real-time collaboration 

One of the main benefits of nearshore for someone who operates a remote team is the ability to join their staff during normal company hours. As companies that outsource in opposite time zones can face logistical challenges if not organized properly, those working with nearshore software developers in a time zone similar to their companies enjoy real-time collaboration, making their projects time-efficient and easy to coordinate. 

For example, a recent survey shows that one-third of U.S. companies that outsourced to India considered the 10-hour (or more) time difference to be a big challenge.  In this sense, Latin America represents a great option; while the time difference between America and Asia can exceed 12 hours, the time difference between American companies and countries in South America is usually within 5 hours, which keeps exchanges within the same business day.

Seamlessly integrate your team

Communication is key to a project’s success. Therefore, beyond the time difference, nearshoring in countries will foster good communication and enhance your professional relationships due to many cultural similarities. Another key advantage of nearshore is the capability to involve talent with cultural similarities, a shared language, and technical expertise, allowing them to blend in with the in-house team instantly. 

Again, Latin America is a great option for American companies looking to go nearshore. The U.S. is home to more than 41 million native Spanish speakers, plus over 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers, while many institutions in Latin America teach English as a basic demand, making English the third most spoken immigrant language in Latin America, with about 5.4 million speakers, compared to the English literacy rate in China that hovers around 1%. This allows American companies nearshoring in Latin America to work easily and efficiently.

Also, the number of consumer and cultural exports from Latinamerican countries to the U.S. helps to build familiarity and solidarity between the two countries, which can only help advance a healthy relationship within the company. A similar culture allows internal and external workers to come together, developing camaraderie and facilitating better and deeper discussion. 

All this sounds amazing, don’t you think? So before you ask, let us tell you the best places to find your next nearshore LatAm team.

Where to nearshore? LatAm

Due to its proximity to the United States and its thriving amount of talent, Latin America has become one of the favorite outsourcing destinations for US-based companies. The LATAM region has slowly but steadily become one of the primal providers of developers worldwide, with its thriving economies, steady political contexts, and big talent pools.

For example, the number of developers is projected to rise to 28.7 million in 2024, and Latin America is one of the regions that will grow the most regarding programmers and developers, even growing faster than North America. 

Latin America is changing the outsourcing game and has become a significant IT development provider globally, with thriving economies and industries led by Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, among other countries.

From wherever you look at it, outsourcing web development in Latinamerica can bring your company many advantages such as increased efficiency, wider access to specialized skills, resources, and top talent. Now it’s time for you to decide the best country to outsource web development according to your business needs. Don’t know where to start? Talk to our experts! At Intersog, we have been delivering success across industries for over 15 years, developing web applications customized to each client’s specific requirements by leveraging our extensive expertise and deep technology capabilities.




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