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Nearshore operations: The new normal

The traditional in-site ways of operating companies are a thing of the past. After Covid-19 hit us, businesses needed to transform their ways of operating and adapt to a world where social distancing was the rule. Today, remote working is the new normal, and a good number of companies around the world have found that remote models are not only possible, but they also come with plenty of advantages. 

According to Gartner, through 2023, 40% of organizations will blend virtual and physical experiences, leading to increased workforce productivity and customer reach. On this note, it is certain that the workplaces of the future will continuously evolve into more flexible models where employees, contractors, business partners, and customers will be working remotely, tackling space limitations to reach success.

In this report you'll find valuable information about:

  • Advantages of Hiring Remote
  • Remote, yes but, Nearshore, Offshore or Onshore?
  • What is the Best Place for Nearshore Development?

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