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With Intersog’s nearshore solution, this company was able to extend its software engineering team.

Since its beginning, Ureeka’s success as a business growth engine led them to fast growth. As a 100% remote start-up, they started looking for options to quickly build a well-functioning team of developers without hiring full-time employees immediately. Intersog’s scalable nearshore solution suited their needs perfectly. Nowadays, the relationship between Ureeka and Intersog is long-standing. 

Helping start-ups boost their growth.

Founded in 2018, Ureeka started from the very beginning to bring small businesses insider strategies and access that the big companies use daily. Ureeka has positioned itself as the ultimate small business growth engine; from retail to CPG, services to direct to consumer, they help transform ideas into results.

Since their launch, they’ve helped over 12,000 entrepreneurs turn their ideas into thriving businesses. They focus on building a community of peers and coaches where their partners can get advice, help, and support from like-minded entrepreneurs and engaged coaches. They also build a curriculum for their partners to access on their own or to work with their coaches to learn about strategy, marketing, website building, and client attraction. 

The challenge:

Since its creation, Ureeka was conceived as a 100% remote company. As a startup business themselves, Ureeka needed a well-functioning team without making the expense of hiring full-time employees right away. 

They needed a fully remote team of talented engineers to grow and develop new areas of opportunity for them to keep on expanding without spending on full-time in-house employees.

The solution

Thanks to Intersog’s nearshore and staff augmentation solution, Ureeka was able to extend its engineering team with highly skilled talent, accelerating its recruitment pipeline at its own pace. 

First, we worked together to define Ureeka’s staffing needs to find the perfect fit for their team. Then the Intersog team proceeded to do a screening process to find the best profiles and assembled a set of candidates with the optimal skill set to meet Ureeka’s needs. After spotting the right talent, we collaborated to fully incorporate it into Ureeka’s team, ensuring the best project outcomes.

The Intersog team worked closely with Ureeka to deliver: 

  • A fully custom staff augmentation model for Ureeka
  • A working and highly skilled development team of eleven Developers, two Project Managers, and two QAs
  • Growth of their product team, starting with two Product Managers

The impact

Today, Ureeka works with a fully functioning team of talented engineers in Mexico and has expanded its product team, taking advantage of the benefits of the remote location that the nearshore model offers. In addition, working alongside Intersog has allowed creating and merging of their custom development and product teams that scale with Ureeka’s growth.

Our scalable solution offer became a seamless integration that works perfectly, culturally, language-wise, time-zone-wise, and scalability. Nowadays, the relationship between Ureeka and Intersog is long-standing.


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