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A mobile medical app to provide better employee support

The University of Chicago Medicine optimized their call center service through a mobile support app, saving time and money.

Uniting medical facilities that specialize in medical education.

The University of Chicago Medicine is a non-profit academic medical union based on the campus of the University of Chicago. It unites five institutions specializing in medical education, studies, and patient care: Pritzker School of Medicine, Biological Sciences Division, Medical Center (UCMC), Community Health and Hospital Division, and UChicago Medicine Physicians. This institution connects several facilities, physicians, and a vast vehicle fleet across Chicago.

The challenge

The University of Chicago Medicine was getting overwhelmed with the support it needed to provide to all the institutions that are a part of this union. UCMC used its call center service to process all the inquiries and issue reports from employees, which was not efficient considering the number of facilities, team members, and inquiries registered daily. 

The UCMC goal was to build a system that would allow the employees to submit service or helpdesk inquiries to their in-house service request department. The purpose of the solution was to minimize the load on the call center, which would increase the efficiency of how each inquiry was managed. At the same time, this system would require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure that no ticket was being neglected.

The solution

Together, we came up with the idea of a mobile application that would allow the employees to form and send issue reports to the service department easily, creating new service requests with all the necessary details and a complete description of the issue.

The Intersog team delivered an intuitive mobile app for the University of Chicago Medicine Service Department with the following features:

  • User-friendly application user interface
  • An issue description field for the employees to submit their tickets
  • A location selection feature based on the available facilities
  • A room selection feature to pinpoint the exact location of the issue
  • Picture selection feature that allows the employees to add photos or screenshots
  • Automation of inquiry processing to the service department

The impact

Intersog helped the University of Chicago Medicine ease the call center workload by developing an intuitive and user-friendly application that allows for fluent inquiry processing and transition to the service department; this helped the UCMC process inquiries quicker and with more precision, saving time and money.


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